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Why Sierra Leone is going back to the path of enslavement

21 Février 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire

The Sierra Leone president speaking to ACP Conference




Yaoundé’s Conventions and, Lomé Convention and finally
the Cotonou Agreement, the rules established between Europe and the  
new states of Africa and the Caribbean in building, bound by history of colonization and slavery.
Originally, six European states and 18 countries in Africa and the Caribbean raised the foundations for this cooperation, now the Cotonou Agreement brings together 15 European and 78 ACP countries, rising in forty years of an essentially economic partnership, and political issues, an association scheme to contracting but this is recolonisation and enslavement or new submission. African Presidents ought to wake up
The Europeans wanted to maintain special relations with their former colonies which gave birth to the Commonwealth and the FranceAfrique. That  kind of cooperation have prevented countries like Sierra Leone to take the path of economic development. To hear the president, speaking during ACP’s conference, seems that the gentleman is once more selling out his country to European predators specially British.



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