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The death certificate of UN signed in Addis Ababa.

2 Février 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire


Luc Banemeck1Analysis from our in-house Strategist Consultant of African politics
 The African Heads of State signed the death certificate of the UN and all its satellite institutions in Addis Ababa January 31, 2011.
Click here to read the solemn declaration of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the African Union 31 January 2011.
There are two messages that the heads of African states have sent the world and especially the Security Council of the UNITED NATIONS.
1) We no longer accept cash as it is your decisions.
2) We do not want your interference in our affairs until there is at least 2 representatives of Africa in the Security Council with veto RIGHT, or a complete overhaul of the organisation on other bases

The message cannot be clearer than that. Understand who wish.

This message went unnoticed. Many African commentators do not speak about it.

Africans should remember the last meeting of heads of African states in Addis Ababa only on the angle of the two decisions.
Normal Westerners do not fall. As in their habits, What is surprising is that Africans do no point it as well.
What we can say is that the African Union has got rid of that thing (UN) as a rotten yam.

1) The heads of state announced their solemn declaration:
 For Sudan
- We congratulate the Sudanese people have completed the implementation of the main pillar of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in January 2005, namely self-determination referendum for southern Sudan. This success confirms the commitment of the Sudanese people and its leaders never to resort to war and, now, to settle any dispute which may arise by exclusively peaceful means.
We salute the courage, vision and dedication of the Government of Sudan (GoS), under the leadership of President Omar Hassan Al Bashir and the 1st Vice-President and Chairman of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) Salva Kiir Mayardit, who
helped achieve this remarkable result. Our continent is secured to the two national leaders.

Reminder: Mr Al-Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal by  Mr CAMPO.


    Reassuring his complete support to president Al Bashir  The AU sent a coded message to TPI of Mr Campo, that your charges of Africans do not pass anymore.
These are charges for Africans, we do recognize your decisions because Fairless, and there is very important for the African Union to prove that it is on the road to maturity.

Second important decision on Cote d'Ivoire:

   Remember that the UN representative in Côte d'Ivoire Mr. Choi (Reminder: within the scope of a UN investigation for corruption) and his fellow-Ban ki-Moon have certified the results of presidential elections in Côte d'Ivoire, and refuse a recount or evaluation of votes.
Knowing that they had organized the "cheat".

Example of arithmetic:
How can you say 250000 votes + 150000votes = 43 000 votes.

Did they attempt the cheat because they thought Africans cannot count, Today they must understand all Africans can count.

Second message of the African Union

By offering a group of expert to assess the situation in Côte d'Ivoire. The African Union is going once again, against the advice of the United Nations Organization.
These two decisions are of paramount importance, it is true that they are silent in the media. Even African newspapers do not relate that part of analysis.
Nevertheless, this does not diminish their historical significance. Namely signing the death certificate of the United Nations.
This is a turning point vis-à-vis that institution "diamond jubilee" which is responsible for the death of millions of Africans and disorganization of African countries since its birth (1945).
African should understand all non African organization such as Commonwealth, Francophonie, UN and all its satellite organizations was set up again Africa. Unless we bear this in mind now, otherwise we will encounter again in the future the same problems.

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