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Press release of the Committee of Cameroonians Abroad following the death of the journalist and television producer AMOBE MEVEGUE

9 Septembre 2021 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire Publié dans #ACTUALITES, #Press release

Amobe Mevegue  Tv producer and Journalist

Amobe Mevegue Tv producer and Journalist


A worthy son of Cameroon and Africa has just left us today at the prime of his life, 53, ambassador of Cameroonian and African culture throughout the world. His name was AMOBE MEVEGUE.

Journalist and radio and television host since the 1980s. He left his mark on his time, his generation and his discipline.

AMOBE and I have known each other since Radio Tabala in the 80s, his love for Cameroon was unwavering and his simplicity legendary.

Whenever we asked for him for Cameroon, he always responded.

I still remember the launch of the UBIZNEWS news channel, an original idea that combined news and entertainment.

On behalf of the Committee of Cameroonians Abroad and on my own behalf as a long-time friend, I send our most saddened condolences to all of his family. May the land of our ancestors that he cherished so much be light to him.

AMOBE leaves, you fought the good fight. We will never forget you !!!!!

To great men the nation forever grateful.

Paris on September 08, 2021

Luc B. Banemeck


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