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Understanding Ivory Coast crisis

27 Décembre 2010 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire


Luc Banemeck1 B. Luc Banemeck/ Stragegist Consultant



Afrohistorama: You have become our analyst of the situation in Ivory Coast since the beginning of the destabilization of this Western African country.

 B.Luc  Banemeck : I bring just clarification to Africans and Friends of Africa on issues of war in Ivory Coast for 10 years and the refusal of so call international community to admit the will of the Ivorian people .

 Afrohistorama: What are the issues in Ivory Coast?

 B. Luc Banemeck: Ivory Coast is in West Africa a country of 20 million people, packed with  the huge untapped resource in oil, diamond as Sierra Leone. I say that Ivory Coast or Sierra Leone are a geological scandal in West Africa. For this, it attracts predators of western countries and others who are in search of its ores for the welfare of their people. Even if they eliminate all Ivoirians Sierra Leoneans the will not hesitate one seconds. Hence the current maneuvers.

 Afrohistorama: You mean that geological scandal what do you mean by that?

B. Luc Banemeck: Houphouet Boigny was a very knowledgeable person. I will said a strategist in modern terms or in our professional jargon. He understood that in the 1940 independent Africa coutries was in a weak position face to the west, and that we should not put the country's geological resources to contribute for discount selling as was the case of the Central Republic of Africa which has seen France and Switzerland used its Uranium and Diamond for 30 years without paying a franc, not even symbolic.

Afrohistorama: What holds the Ivory Coast soil?

B. Luc Banemeck: The northern region of Ivory Coast holds deposits of bauxite, and rare metals in large quantities. Moreover Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast in English is the world's largest producer of cocoa and is home to a rich and dense forest. Ivory Coast accounts for 40% of GDP of ECOWAS, thus controlling the Ivory Coast controls the West Africa region. So you can well understand that the stakes are high for the future of the great powers and Ivory coast. Who controls the Côte d'Ivoire control throughout West Africa. So there is a fight between four forces in the presence

Afrohistorama: what are these forces?

There is one side the forces of evil and the other the forces of goodness. Logic suggests that the forces of goodness are Ivorian and other forces are evil because not for the interest of Ivoirians.


First there is the Ivorian people who want to improve their living conditions by using its resources for its economic, political, social and cultural development.
It is led by President Laurent Gbagbo.

There is the old colonial power France and neo-colonialist exploiter who does not lose its privileges and today has discovered that, apart from cocoa there are other resources in abundance. She is represented locally by Alassane Ouattara and internationally by Nicolas Sarkozy and baked by the armed of evil forces UN called UNIC (United Nation in Ivory Coast).

There the United States who have lost all hope of controlling the East Asia and South America, seeing their power is dilapidated want to reaffirm his power of control in Africa. They are represented by the corrupt African-American elite led by Barack Obama.

There are the BRICS ,emergent countries (China, Russia, Brazil, etc..). reprented by their president.

All these forces play a partition in the Ivorian crisis. What makes the whole Ivorian crisis is very complex. The hidden agenda is Ivorian mineral resources. In this world that control resources control the world.


Afrohistorama: What can you tell the authorities or Ivorian Ivorians?

B. Luc Banemeck : I want to tell them this, the history helps to manage country affairs.By going back in your own history you will understand many things.

 They Ivoirians Government need to watch what happened in the same region in the past. Including to Biafra Nigerian delta or the Gulf of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia.

In the late 1960s, the Western Country of France had understood that this area was full of oil and gas wealth. To do this he had to create a fictitious independent state of Biafra. This war has moved the world by his cruelty by the dehumanization of the African man has ended with the victory of the State of Nigeria. Despite this victory was a great thing, it was quickly recovered by the army generals with the assistance of the Western countries. The looting of its resources going  still on at a time when I speak. While Nigeria has 150 million people should be emerging world power, is now under developed country with immense resources exploited from the outside interest, not for Nigerians. Plundered resources with the help of some Nigerians.

So I will say to Ivoirians. of course, they are on track peace style is the way to go. Certainly they have a hard time, but its moments do not last forever. So  vigilance.

Don’t think that your fight is pointless. I appeal especially to the sincere intellectuals, political and traditional leaders. STAY ALERT AND BE DETERMINED. Freedom and full independance in just right in the front door despite the intoxication of world by western medias and some corrupt in Africa. You are the hope of the future of Africa.

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