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This presidents are ruining AFRICAN LIFES

27 Décembre 2010 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire



At the  extreme left

Blaise Compaore: He killed Thomas Sankara to become president for life supported by the international community. Current Dictator
President of Burkina Faso.



Wade: he wants to stay in power for life and pass power to his son even if he has to eliminate half of Africa. Current Dictator of Senegal.


At the far right

Jonathan Googluk: He wants to get elected with the support of the United States because he knows very well that without their support it will never be. In Nigeria since the two populations in number. Yoruba and Hausa want to keep power.

The latter signed an agreement at the time of President Obassadjo that  the power will be only between them exit other ethnic groups.

Goodluk being neither of the two and vice-chairman of the Hausa Y'aradua deceased who died in hospital in Saudi Arabia in bizarre conditions. He became the Constitutional (what it does not recognize for Ivory Coast) President of the Republic of Nigeria.

Elections take place this year, and he knows very well that it is the turn of the Yoruba and that they will not transfer their turn. That's why he is willing to sell father, mother and children if necessary to stay in power.


Outcome of the race: It's Africa which toasts. Yes it toast because Africans are asleep and believe it is God who will save them. F.... there is no other paradise than Africa in this world. Damn WAKE UP!

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