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The real reasons for the coup in Mali while the elections were scheduled for April 2012?

22 Mars 2012 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire


The real reasons for the coup in Mali while the elections were scheduled for April 2012?







        Yesterday, I have received a phone call from a friend, a French diplomat, and lawyer friend . We discussed on two essential points. On the issue of deportation and the coup that was underway in Mali. He was actually giving me the news at 1pm GMT times. Right now, there was no information about the coup in Mali on any TV channel, this was before any television relaying the news from 3pm.
I asked very specific questions during our conversation, which enabled me to understand what was going on in Mali. What was undercover the military coup!

There are three reasons that I noted:

1 - The president's refusal  of  the settlement of a French military base in Mali;
2 - The president refusal  to sign the repatriation agreement of Malians  living in France against in subsidies;
3 - Support of President Gbagbo and Gaddafi, France had not supported his "lack of solidarity in the destabilization of these two systems government  cited above.

So why, a coup while the elections were scheduled for next April? Simply because these elections do not suit France, who needs to stabilize Libya from Mali.

Because with elected Malian government and free Mali, it will not be easy to maneuvers  and settele a French military base urgently needed. 

.The reasons why the first claim of putschist was the military means necessary to combat AQIM! Thus, so the parade is found for any settelement of the French army, then, I said Wait and SEE!!
And if President Gbagbo was right: If I fall, you fall!
My full support to the people of Mali.

Par F. Eyima


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