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The connection between the unpopularity of President Abdoulaye Wade and Hisen Habré’s Case?

12 Juillet 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire


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The chronicle of Mbombog Ntohôl  

 The connection between the unpopularity of President Abdoulaye Wade and Hisen Habré’s  Case?  

A brief review of the Hisen Habré’s case. In the aftermath of independence Chad had experienced political instability for at least 25 years. Coups, rebellions, occupation of foreign forces. It was during this troubled period that President Habré Hisen appeared on the political scene. He managed to stabilize the country for some time. But bad habits are hard to  disappear for Africans politicians today, especially when they receive their orders from abroad. He was also ousted from the power as Tombalbaye. After his departure from tchad he went in exile in Senegal such as former President Ahidjo bloody Cameroon dictator.

What is the accusation?
He was accused of having kidnapped a French citizen. Usually African leaders are very protective of foreigners than their own citizens they terrorized often. But this story goes back so far that's, today is less important than what is going on around countries where they are killing people like chikens. Especially if you look at the crimes committed today to the beard and the nose of the so called international community, with video support.
Let no one tell us or make us believe that bringing Hisen Habre in Belgium or refusing to send him in Belgium is important.
That's why I think it's just a communication stuff for President Abdoulaye Wade who is regarded today by the African people as a "sold person". He who is in any dirty tricks against Africa.

·         Ivory Coast , African Union has called for the negotiation between Ivorians, he claimed the bombing.

·        In Libya the African Union wanted negotiations, it’s totally welcome and applaud the criminals who slaughter blacks in Benghazi in public  and where was Belgium or the  so-called international community.
Recently, he wanted to ratify the dictatorship to install his son in power, a Member of Parliement went impaled on the railings of the National Assembly to protest the maneuver. Fortunately he got the message and renounced, who says that he would not repeat the maneuver. The Senegalese must remain vigilant.
So I think that like many, Hisen Habré case is simply a matter of communication to improve its tarnished image in the eyes of Senegal in particular and Africans in general who confused  his image before at some point with the great men of Africa during the inauguration of the monument to the rebirth in Dakar.
By giving up the extradition of that old gentleman and former president of Chad, they want us to believe that Wade is a good African president,.
my eye! Hisen Habré is no longer anything on the political and the media arena. Otherwise why the Belgian court then, whiles the TPI that was designed for Africans turned thumbs, and believes that, the killing of Africans is justice. Ridicule” does not kill. Many would be already in the afterlife.
To complete the charade they let  African make official  ICC accusations, in order to legitimate their cynism.
Only fools can believe their statements.
All we hope is that one day Senegal as Africa permanently get rid of all Africans that undermine social progress of Africa.
Long live Africa and Pan-Africanism.

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