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6 Janvier 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire



"Yesterday, Rwanda, now the Ivory Coast, France, UN out!"

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                                                 United Africa and Free Now  

Contact email: anibwegroup@yahoo.fr

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Dear sisters and brothers, friends

 "The Ivorian crisis" highlights the huge illusion of so-called 50 years of African independence. In the anguish of a new civil war or genocide, however, hope springs from a collective awareness of Africans and Afro-descendants (re) unified.
 The question of national sovereignty of Ivory Coast arises in all African states as independent. Our destinies are linked, we are working together to enforce our rights and build now free Africa for the future.
With this in mind our group has created and chose to take part in the action.
We cater for:
- Understanding the real issues for the future of Africa and black people around the world;
- The defense of our true political, ecological, economic, cultural, educational, social, worship;
- The identity reconstruction of the Black Man and woman to break with the legacy of slavery and colonization and its attendant ethnic wars.
Today, Ivory Coast needs us!
By supporting the Ivoirians, we, at the same time have a real chance to ring the bell and the imminent end of FranceAfrique and all forms of exploitation against the principles and interests of African people wherever they are.
Our goal at the beginning of the year 2011 is as follows:
- Mobilizing as many people in the community and friends around our motto: "Yesterday, Rwanda, now the Ivory Coast, France, UN out!"
This message went on our badges and t-shirts designed to alert public opinion:
- Problems identified, the risks and the solutions proposed by our group in what we believe are the interests of Africa and its Diaspora.
The funds collected will be used to operate a logistics mobilization of resources (communications, media, lawyers, organizing demonstrations, lobbying). This reserve fund is a pooling of financial resources to use the defense of our rights and our interests.

You can also participate in many ways to our community:
- By getting over our actions and our initiatives;
- Being yourself of proposals and active within our group;
- For the purchase and sale of our badges, t-shirts, publications and fundraising;
- By making available for your capabilities and tools to act where they need you. (Remember the motto of Ayiti: "The Union is Strength"!)


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