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Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking?

17 Juin 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire

Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking?




USA's Petro Dollar Threatened by Gaddafi's Gold-for-Oil Plan






Robert Oliver sent me the best line yet for President Obama's defense of what he is doing in Libya--reminiscent of the now-famous words of one of our former Presidents, also caught in a lie:  I did not have war with that country!"  Cute, Robert.

1.  Read Ellen Brown on Libya; Read Ellen Brown on the Federal Reserve--just read Ellen Brown!
2.  Hear Michael Hudson talk about how President Obama's economic predators are at work domestically and internationally - look up his videos online;
3. And then, finally, view this cute little video sent to me by Ati; please take a look at the rest of the videos on the page that disclose Qaddafi's vision of a United States of Africa and a gold-backed African currency - and we know who's got the gold, and a one million person army to counter AFRICOM and European threats to African self-determination: 




And, oh yes, they bombed again last night a place where civilians gather every night.  First of all, they know civilians are there because it's broadcast on Libyan TV every night.  Civilians gather there, and even get married there.  There have been two weddings there since I have been here.  The blast was so forceful, many, many kilometers away I felt it.

I commend the Members of Congress who are upholding their Constitutional duties and forcing our President to abide by the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act.  The American people can force this President to uphold international law, too.  Targeted assassination, extra-judicial killing, targeting of civilians, collective punishment--all illegal.

Now, for those who refuse to hear the cacophony of the NATO media wurlitzer, I sought out some Libyans and asked them some questions about the mysterious hit piece targeting me that appeared on twitter.  Here are their responses to my questions (pardon me, this is the raw, unedited content):

1.  the name is not a common Libyan name
2.  the Green Book was implemented in March 2 1977; the economic aspects of the Green Book were gradually deviated from starting in about 1989; accelerated in the mid-90s and became totally absent in the service sector except banking, and not in security sector; the trend has been toward more opening at the behest of the United States and the Western countries
3.  he said that the system must be made more effective, starting about 10 years ago
4.  Tabouh are the free borders nomads with camels; Tabouh from Niger, Chad and Libya are recognized as Libyans.
5.  Janjaweed are a part of the culture of Sudan; always tried to work with US Congress thanked Libya for opening the humanitarian aid to the areas
6.  There are two cars in front of all of the houses; food is subsidized--basic foodstuffs 100% for last 20 years, water, elec is subsidized; everything is cheap; running water in housing, everyone has housing; no area is without primary care, streetlighting, electricity; those who complain want more for themselves and object to spend money on Africa
7.  the unemployed get a monthly stipend to live on with, but the jobs that need to be done, many Libyans don't want to do that work
8.  2 million guest worker laborers were evacuated, there is opportunity for work in Libya
9.  about 12,000 Libyan students on average every student is paid 1500 dinars per month plus family allowance, plus university fees, etc.

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