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3 Avril 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire








 Defense forces and security (FDS) and the Patriots have established a security cordon at the GESCO. This copy is received mobilization to block the road to rebel reinforcements ferried other parts of the country. Helicopters UNCI and of the French forces have not respected the warning and protest of Russia. These helicopters are fighting alongside the rebels fighting alongside terrorists of Alassane Ouattara.

 Port Bouet

This afternoon: This afternoon, the French Forces delivered ammunition to an MI-24 of UNCI, which landed on the tarmac at Abidjan airport. The Air Force of Côte d'Ivoire objected. It is called the patriots who are in that area to also move towards the airport and especially to form a compact mass of humanity to impede the movements of the French Forces. Numerous Christian consultants are praying right now in Ivory Coast and around the world for Côte d'Ivoire be not defeated. According to many prophecies revealed by these consultants, God is alongside Ivorian patriots and fight for Laurent Gbagbo and the Ivorian justice-loving who fight alongside him. According to these revelations, God, eternally as the Army, deployed armies that fought alongside us, because God is always on the side of Truth.


Funny that this leader Alassane Ouattara. In every city where they took off, broke the prisons and releasing inmates of prisons and corrections. In this sordid Thurs totally irresponsible, they are a total of over 30,000 criminal prisoners including many dangerous gangsters have been released and were armed by UNCI, the French forces. 12 000 of these ganster  released by the accomplices of Alassane Ouattara are released into the single city of Abidjan. Offenders and other criminals released by Alassane Ouattara terrorize populations are forcing them to open their homes. Once that is done, they require the clef cars.


Several people in the neighborhoods of Djibi, Angré, Roses etc  ... find their houses looted by terrorists of Alassane Ouattara who go with their cars.

Looters of Alassane OUATTRA are hard at work in several districts of Abidjan. A Marcory on the boulevard Giscard d'Étaing they ransacked the headquarters of the company cellular KOZ, agencies and Moov Cote d'Ivoire Telecom.
 MARCORY and Koumassi

The headquarters GENERAL METAL in the same area was sacked as ORCA TREND. Alassane Ouattara decided to submit the Ivorians or destroy their country drives to destroy everything in their path. Three police stations, including two in Marcory, the 9 th and 26 th Districts as well as the 6th in Kumasi have been ransacked.


In the cities they conquered, terrorists Alassane Ouattara engage in a genuine ethnic cleansing.

Populations have been and continue to be massacred in Duekoue. and were counted, as denounced by the RED CROSS , more than 867 people were murdered in cold blood in Duékoué. The 867 people killed by terrorists of Alassane Ouattara are all males and ethnicity are we.


Until Wednesday, the city of Guiglo, wedged between Blolequin and Duékoué (both occupied by the rebels for several days before), and without any military defense, was not taken by terrorist of Alassane Ouattara(SDS grabbed SOUTH on through TAI), to the surprise of the people. The terrorist stood in the killing of people in the neighborhood CARREFOUR, suspected of sheltering a group of self-defense. The killings took place on the night of Tuesday 29 Wednesday, March 30, 2011, in the district "Diaye Bernard" commonly known as "Carrefour". Looking at a Google Earth map, you can locate the area that hosted nearly 9,000 refugees following the conflict in January 2011 to Duékoué. It is located at the entrance to the town of Duekoue, along the axis ISSIA-Duékoué-MAN. It is bounded to the east (Issia-Duékoué axis) by a marshy area, overlooking the mill and the NSD-THANRY UNCI camp. In the West, the neighborhood is bordered by the marshes of GUEMON. These are wetlands that isolate the neighborhood from downtown. NORTH district is crossed by dirt road-Duékoué Bagohouo-Kouibly. The North is in the rebel zone, since the terrorist office is located in the district. The southern area is asphalt track ISSIA-Duékoué-MAN. To attack Duekoue, the rebels arrived in Guitrozon, from Man and Bangolo. A second column came through Kouibly-Bagohouo-Duékoué. The objective was to clearly identify and neutralize the city checkpoints terrorist. A third group attacked the villages of the axis-Duékoué ISSIA to hold the strategic bridge Guessabo. Taking Guessabo also prevented any arrival of reinforcements from DALOA, this bridge is the place to be any reinforcements, let him come to Yamoussoukro, Daloa, Issia and Gagnoa. And hotels were looted Hermitage Matchaix and Monhessea. It was the same for all homes of SDS (who left the city) and all the executives close to Gbagbo. Imam Konate, known for its peace efforts and gathering and executives close to the PML region and the Minister Issa Malick Coulibaly, a former DNC Gbagbo, was killed at his home. The ICRC spoke of 867 dead. But disappeared, killed in the bush puts that figure at least 1,200 people. The goal is to change the demographic and voting in favor of the RDR, in this strategic region and rich, but where land conflicts are a big concern for political authorities. It should be noted that, given the magnitude of the massacres and the excitement created, UNOCI was obliged to disarm Saturday, April 2, 2011, at 15H, the rebels stationed Corridor Guitrozon. "Why do you kill so many people?" exclaimed the officer Moroccan UNCI.



13:00 French forces landed mercenaries and other rebels of Ouattara on the rooftop of the school group IVESTP Marcory Voltaire. France made war Laurent Gbagbo since 2002. Want more proof?
View video
God is in control for the weak against the wicked world which conspires.

Immediately after entering the city, terrosristes of Alassane Ouattara killed the French Phillipe REMON. The man, professor of industrial science was known to be openly pro-Gbagbo. 


1500 French legionnaires, whites as blacks, from Gabon have been deposited in Bouake.

INVOLVEMENT OF THE FRENCH FORCES IN THE WAR DECLARED ON THE COTE D'IVOIRE: French army by his troop transport helicopters dumped rebels in all districts of Abidjan.

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