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Doubts about the sincerity of the poll announced by the UN ...

29 Décembre 2010 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire



Didier Julia, UMP deputy from Seine-et-Marne: "The failure of France to identify with the American position, which is anti Gbagbo, because they could never conquer the markets of Cote d'Ivoire this is not a Gaullist position."
The warning from a member Sarkozyist party

The official position of France on the Ivorian situation is not shared by all parliamentarians. At left, some elected officials, like Henri Emmanuelli, Francois Loncle or former minister Hubert Vedrine, wonder. In the UMP as some members felt that the position of France becomes dangerous to its interests in Africa. Didier Julia, UMP deputy from Seine-et-Marne and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, has informed us that he and his colleagues surveyed 30 to 40% of them began to change lines. He decided to break the iron grip and he gave his first interview on the case Kernews, Tuesday, December 28, micro Yannick Urrien.

Kernews: All your colleagues talk about the argument that you have had with Michele Alliot-Marie at the last meeting of the UMP group in the National Assembly a few days before Christmas ... What happened?
Didier Julia: I had the opportunity at the meeting of the UMP group that brings together all members in the absence of Francois Fillon, to ask three questions to Ms Alliot-Marie, Minister of Foreign Affairs. My first question was why France undertakes Does the foreground in a domestic political problem for Côte d'Ivoire. The second question: why the French government plans there to take retaliatory measures against the president's entourage out of the Ivory Coast, which would be in Paris, by withdrawing their visas and passports, while this may endanger the 15,000 French who are in Ivory Coast and would undergo the same procedure. The third question: whether the French soldiers had opened fire on Ivorians to a problem of internal politics in Ivory Coast, it would be an abominable image for France, a decline of 50 years, when the gunboat colonization. The twenty-first century, would not this really a regression of historical perspective? These three issues have aroused anger extremely violent, Mrs Alliot-Marie and I was very surprised by a minister who presents himself as a Gaullist tradition. The failure of France to identify with the American position, which is anti Gbagbo, because they could never conquer the markets of Cote d'Ivoire, it is not a Gaullist position. Gaullist position is primarily country and respect for their independence. Then we are not surrogates of Americans in world politics. I was struck by the emotional reaction. I had the opportunity to execute a memorandum to Prime Minister Francois Fillon, saying that the interests of France and morality in politics wanted us to let the countries of the African Union address the Ivory Coast crisis and it was certainly not the former colonial master to impose its views. The Prime Minister shares all at this approach is the Ivorian problem.
According to some indiscretions from your colleagues, Michele Alliot-Marie, in private, has doubts about the sincerity of the poll announced by the UN ... What do you think?
Our problem is not being pro or pro Ouattara Gbagbo ... We ask ourselves all in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and I can say that the majority opinion of all those interested in the problem, is to say that it was on one side a supposedly independent commission, which was under U.S. control, at least under the control of opponents of President Gbagbo and the other, a Constitutional Council which is said that these are Friends of Mr Gbagbo, but it's still the Constitutional Council ... Therefore, I know the north of Côte d'Ivoire, which is in the hands of warlords who practice, as everyone knows, racketeering on cotton and diamond, and it was impossible for people who are under their supervision to vote differently than they have voted. So the problem of questionable legality in the north is a real problem.
We received clear evidence of assessors representing the candidate that Gbagbo had to leave the polling station at 9 o'clock in the morning because we threatened them with a Kalashnikov ...
Yes, within the independent commission, too, there were two assessors representing the candidate Gbagbo against ten, and they have also received threats. Therefore, the conclusions of the independent commission posed a real problem. But I do not want to Michele Alliot-Marie. This is a woman for whom I have the friendship and admiration. What worries me more is that it embodies a Gaullist tradition, and if his attitude brought him to blindly support the U.S. perspective and do not respect the reality of the vote for reasons that escape me, Well, I say that his image would suffer.
How do you analyze the influence of media on this issue? There is no clear explanation on the merits of the case, no speech is heard contradictory, but dialectic of war and demonization ...
The media are acting the same way in all areas. Everyone yelled cons Eric Woerth by calling a swindler, a thief, a liar, a faker, profiteer ... Today, no one talking about it. They realize all they were wrong, there is no one who has the honesty to say. There will be a small line saying that Mr. Woerth was ultimately not concerned with issues on which he was criticized. I knew this about the Iraq affair: they were unleashed against us for ten days! The Attorney General and judges have concluded that the charge of collusion with a foreign power to bring the fundamental interests of France was a purely grotesque and baseless. We were totally relaxed and we had three lines in the papers ... Look, the press was unleashed on the pensions problem. Abroad, some thought that France was upside down and that was the revolution in street ... Everyone we asked about the confusion of French society and nobody talks about retirement today! In the French press, everyone goes in the same direction, and when will reverse, we'll move on ...
So do a little foresight, because each disinformation operation that was undertaken has implications for a decade. The result of the first Gulf War was the emergence of radical Islam and the attacks of September 11, 2001 ...
It's true ...
War II led the massacre of Christians in Iraq and East, who must flee their respective countries ...
Yes ...
So what are the implications of this case Ivorian?
I told Michele Alliot-Marie that if we continue down this path, the French will all be replaced by Chinese, Brazilians, Indians, and France will disappear from Africa. It is very unfortunate. I helped the president Sarkozy to be elected, I support his reform efforts in France very deserving, but I cannot follow a policy where it involves global influence and the credibility of France in a continent, especially Africa is the continent of the future. In 2050, Africa will be more populated than China. It is a booming mainland economy, which is being organized, whose resources are considerable, and it's a continent of the future. France risks of being cut as well in the land of opportunity. If it grew, it would be a serious regression.
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