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Baby Doc back to Haiti

17 Janvier 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire

jean claude Duvalier



The "International Community" lead by France and the USA ousted Jean Bertrand Aristide and forbids him to return home in Haiti where the people are expecting him.
Now that same "International Community" has just allowed Baby Doc the terrible bloody dictator to leave his easy French exile and return to Haiti where the political situation is quite tense and explosive.

"Baby Doc" was only 19 when he inherited power from his father. The former president of Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier, has returned to the country, 25 years after he was overthrown by a popular revolt. Mr Duvalier - also known as "Baby Doc" - arrived on a flight from France, where he has been living in exile.It is not clear why he has returned to Haiti, where he is accused of massive corruption. Haiti is in the midst of a political crisis over disputed presidential elections.


Do they want to put the bloody dictator Jean Claude Duvalier to power in Haiti again? The international black community need to mobilise and become vigilant. Haiti is in a mess in which it was plunged by the international community headed by his military arm the United Nations.
The "thing " must understand that we will not accept it. And this does not happen. We'll see what we see.



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