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Ivory Coast and Africa are suffering from a common disease

1 Janvier 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire

Luc Banemeck1B. Luc Banemeck Strategist Consultant


Ivory Coast and Africa are suffering from a common disease:
 The quest for Identity and Personality.

One upon a time, before the arrival of whites Europeans in Africa, Africa was organized in very powerful empires (Songhai (link), Ghana (link), Mali (link), Congo (link), Zimbabwe (link), Ethiopia (link)  Egypt(link)etc.. ). Empires structured technically, administratively, culturally, linguistically, militarilyy, cooking etc..
The arrival of Europeans is a nightmare for these empires, as all will be destroyed by force or deception and disappearing in darkness except for Ethiopia, which will resist, but being alone what could she do.
Under Europeans domination the empire system  is replace by an ethnic, clan that did not exist before, and since then everything revolves around.
Why the establishment of such an organization?
1) It follows the old saying that says “you must divide to rule”.
Split to allow initially the exploitation of men, which was done with slavery, because Europe had just conquered new lands in America they need to ad value.
 In order to achieve that goal only people having expertise and ability technically and laboriously at the time was Africans who were already ahead with their systems of type pharaonic dynasty.

Second phase of the process: Knowing that nothing lasts forever and that once the victims, Africans will rebel , That will be the time to substitute the exploitation of men outside their territory by the exploitation of men in their territory and their resources in addition .

 So was born the Colonization settlement of Europeans,  that would last almost 100 years until the 1960, largelly when must actual African Countries became “independent”.

The independance is the conclusion of 100 of exploitaion of Africans in Africa, but is not the end of the process. Therefore will be put in place micro-states who are Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya etc. The list is open ended.
So you can see how the strategy is well put together, destroyed and rebuilt in its own way and without taking into account the previous structure.
It's a little bit if we destroy France, England, Germany etc.  and then pick up the bit and pieces to rebuilt a new countries in our own way.
What happens in Africa has been experienced in the Balkans in Europe and we got right in the 20th century Ethnic Cleansing of Bosnian and Herzegovina. So how could it be otherwise?

The same causes produce the same effects. The process is not finished; because the process is ongoing until we Africans do take things in ours hands.
 by Telling ourselves that:
 Yes we have suffered before and still suffering from the outside evil;
Yes we do want to live anymore that situation.
 So we must change ourselves first than trying to change others.
 Do not ask the Europeans to change, because the system that their ancestors put in place continues to function and I do not know who is going to change something that works.

Changing something in working order means you have new thing to replace upon the old one.
This is why:
 I condemn the elections that took place in Côte d'Ivoire;
I condemn the interference of France, the United States and the European Union in the Affairs of Côte d'Ivoire;
I condemn France Africa (comprising some African elites and French)
The arrival of the French Barristers Roland Dumas and Jacques Verges who are not the solution to the Ivory Coast crisis. Because they an alternative branch of FranceAfrique( The same people exploiting Africa)  which differs in methods while pursuing the same objectives.
I'm for an African-Diasporo’s solutions Africa.

What could be the solution to end the crisis?

Based on my findings, everyone knows that the recount will not save Côte d'Ivoire from the war, as about the recount, each side will never accept the outcome of the other side. So wasting time and start all over again.
A new election will be useless, because the positions are categorical and especially between the two positions there are foreign interferences from the international community who want  the crisis to turn to war.
Already the appointment of Mr Choi as the Special Representative of the UN in Ivoiry Coast was a harbinger. For Mr Choi and his boss Mr Ban Ki Moon, general secretary of UN both from a country divided in two for over 40 years.

So for them the cultural unity of Ivory Coast is not really important. They do not have anything to do with one Ivory Coast.
Based on these findings the solution is not in the comings and goings of corporate lawyers, corrupt African elites, the solution should be sought in the redefinition of Ivoirity.

We must go back where everything started . What has ignited the powder? That is the true road to the solution.

There are always solutions to problems, but what are the consequences?  If it is to return the same results. Ivoirians and Africans must decide.
In discussions with an Ivoirian who came specially from London to meet me in Paris. I had several hours of discussion with him, which allowed me to better understand the problem of Cote d'Ivoire.
Côte d'Ivoire suffers the same problem suffered by all Africans, the personality and identity (see above).
The Ivoirity which was launched by former President Konan Bedie was not set correctly, or has been misused, or taken by pharmacies to destabilize Ivory Coast and Africa. Because Ivory Cosat in trouble means Sierra Leone and all surrounded are in trouble.

I explain:
What has been done is done. Today we Africans must transform the cultural melting-pot colonisation legacy to an advantage.
The Ivoirité was poorly introduced by its Ivoirians designers certainly advised by the West Consultants, it has been improperly introduced because introduced as a means of disunity for  Ivoirians and allow the ongoing exploitation of the country, while it was certainly at the outset serve the Union for the Ivoirians.
Cote D'Ivoire today compared to several micro-African states can realize its identity in terms of Culture unity.
Because no one  understands French Ivorian, except Ivoirians, as a French Quebec who speaks French, we do not always understand everything.
Likes Zouglou music danced by 100% Ivoirians from  North or South, a whole Ivorians evening, a Dj will bath the head of the presence with this extraordinary music that was born exactly in this cultural melting-pot in the suburbs of Abidjan, all Ivoirian parties you will eat Atjeke and so on, the examples are unlimited.
Unity is therefore requires not war.

The language, food, culture, habits  are the base of the Unity in any country. That Ivoirité. It is different from the administrative Ivoirité introduce before.

To exit the Ivory Coast in the present situation such an analysis is required, it shall be conducted on the historical, and cultural basis.
Diaspora is ready to offer solutions able to remove Cote d'Ivoire of the current crisis.
To get in touch sent an email we will respond.

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