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30 millions Euros Stollen from Central African Bank by Executives

6 Janvier 2011 , Rédigé par afrohistorama, Toute l'histoire sans histoire

holdup a la BEAC


A dozen executives senior of the central bank is on the list established by an audit committee.
 The revelations in the exclusive survey released yesterday, Monday, Sept. 14, the weekly Jeune Afrique and some elements of which were taken at the same time, splash in these columns several senior officials of the Central Bank of the States of the CEMAC . To reach the estimated total diversion of over 19 billion CFA francs at the Field Office, Paris (Bep), it is a true network that would have worked.

Because the packages were yet known to all, in recent years. And the ruling circles, well aware of this scandal, observed a silence accomplice. The paper argues for example that "in April 2004, a mission of internal investigation criticized the inadequacies and failures of the disturbing field office in Paris without her report to the governor at the time, the Gabonese Jean Felix Mamalepot, is followed by effects.
After a complaint was eventually filed against X in the fraud squad in the prefecture of Paris on the French law firm specializing in litigation Fénéon, and recovery procedures in Africa MAMALEPOT's successor, the board Directors of the BEAC met in Bata in Equatorial Guinea finally grabbed the file, under pressure, we learn, the president of Equatorial Guinea, Obiang Nguema.

The report of the audit committee, chaired by the Director of Budget Equatorial Guinea, Obiang Egonga Miguel, and composed of seven members, is overwhelming and precise responsibilities of each other.
At the head of this network, quoting Brice Armand Ndzamba. Accounting office outside Paris, Gabon 43 years is presented as "the key man in the case" (see article below). Cameroon's Roger Kemadjou currently serving, meanwhile, suspended. Delegate of the Governor between 1998 and 2008, then deputy director for international relations of the BEAC in Yaoundé, the framework, he swears, was "aware of nothing." According to the mission of inquiry, Roger Kemadjou has received some checks and fraudulent transfers amounting to 14,000 Euros, or about 10 million CFA francs. What he does not recognize, however, as the investigation report of the BEAC.

Mass delivery
The Deputy Kemadjou, the Central African Gaston Sembo-Backonly have meanwhile received fraudulent cheques for a total of 139,000 Euros (about 92 million CFA francs). In terms of advocacy, the framework that lives in the Paris region speaks of "conspiracy". He "begs understanding" of the Disciplinary Board. The chain continues with Maurice Gabon Moutsinga. Director of accounting and budget control at BEAC headquarters in Yaoundé from 2000 to December 2007 and retired from the Committee of Inquiry considers "professionally liable for false accounting information maintained in the accounts of the bank over the period review "and" biased regularization operations offering Mr. Ndzamba an opportunity to validate these irregularities.» On a personal level, he would have received fraudulent checks for a minimum of 54,000 euros (36 million CFA francs).
If he has not personally enriched the Chadian Gata Ngoulou any time has been quoted in reports. Secretary General of the Beac from 1998 to 2008, the current Chadian Minister of Finance and Budget is charged with not having much interest in "massive supplies and incommensurate with the real needs of Bep. It would also pass orders directly to companies and Ruby Export Company SmartRad while not without knowing the identity of their generation, Armand Ndzamba.

Rigobert Roger Andely Congolese, former finance minister and deputy governor of the BEAC since 2005 sharing, according to the report that shows no amount of diversion in his favor, "the same responsibilities as governor." It therefore appears alongside MAMALEPOT Andzembe and the list of persons to be interviewed by the audit committee. As for the two governors, it remains on the spot. Jean Felix Mamalepot would not benefit from Fidelity, but he was probably blind and obedient. As for Andzembe Philibert, he would have made reckless. One of the inspector’s mission staff investigations, the Chadian Bertmendara Jacob, discusses the obstacles and obstructions from his view of the governor of the bank to limit the scope of its investigations.
Lazarus Kolyang

Armand Brice Ndzamba
The Sicilian sector of the Gabonese
Presented as the mastermind of the gang, the framework of the BEAC enjoyed the stature of some of his compatriots in the bank.
For 15 years, that is to say between February 1994 and early 2009, the Gabonese citizen acted as an accountant's office outside the BEAC Paris. But last May, when the first details of the scandal are emerging BEP, he left Paris to live quietly in Gabon, his homeland, where he feels more secure. But one survey Jeune Afrique presents as "very close to Bongo" was careful to disappear with the evidence: the hard drive of his computer is now missing, while Armand Brice Ndzamba, "man Key to the case and considered untouchable "was" only to master accounting and accounting software BEP.
According to JA, various reports on this matter "claim he issued almost 300 fraudulent checks with the forged signature between 2004 and 2008 from the account BEP society generally, for a total of just over 6 million Euros (nearly $ 4 billion CFA francs). These checks were payable to his own name to that of his wife "of French nationality.

Charges that Armand Brice Ndzamba or someone else who posed for him, no longer stand the names of birds which is decked out in the newspaper readers of the website Online Cameroon, responded by saying: " Hello dear surfer! I'm actually currently in Gabon. But believe me, I'm not a thief as you write it down since. And if the BEAC says otherwise, I hope she makes a complaint against me and the truth will come out (...) Mr Governor, I can understand that you are embarrassed by it all. But do not worries you still have a few people for the position of central directors, who are also involved in the hijacking of Paris (...) ".
Even if this reaction copied on the Internet may not be that of the concerned, the level of language used, which was corrected in the above excerpt does not reflect the intellectual level of a top executive of the BEAC, however, call it for every day the level of complicity in this affair, which resulted, as stated one of the internal audit reports cited by the newspaper Yamed Ben Bechir, "national affinities, [that] have played a role in abuses recorded at BEAC. The governor, the director of accounting, the deputy director of accounting, the accounting field office had the same nationality: Gabon. "

But pending the outcome of this case that could occur in November after a summit of Heads of State of CEMAC announced this time in Bangui, Centrafirique Armand Ndzamba Brice, 43, who is subject to the payment the wealth tax in France from his immense wealth (he is the manager of several companies in France, while the incorporation of the BEAC prohibit employees from performing other gainful activities) to take it easy Gabon, where he owns a property portfolio of over 1.4 billion FCFA, the survey reveals Jeune Afrique.

Many assets and activities of both non-regulatory (regarding the statutes of the BEAC) and suspect (his monthly salary is 3,000 euros, or about 2 million CFA) have not prevented the Bank of development of Central African States (BDEAC), directed by Anicet Georges Dologuélé, a Central who also directed the Bep, gives a credit of 1.5 billion CFA francs to Armand Ndzamba Brice and his wife, for the launch of a real estate company in Libreville called "Water Lilies". With business partner for some Moutsinga Maurice, director of accounting at the BEP retired since 2008, and whose involvement in the scandal BEP is not denied.

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