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PRESS RELEASE:the Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change  in Cameroon in May 2015

                                                             PRESS RELEASE

The Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change              in Cameroon

May 2015
  "Acting Together"

Saturday, December 13, 2014, Cameroonians Diaspora of France met in Paris to discuss concerning the set up of a committee  in charge of an organizing a Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon in May 2015 in Paris France.

Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon in May 2015 aims to initiate a mobilization of forces and all of the Cameroonian society from within and outside the country around a proactive and inclusive political project, able to bring change in Cameroon.

This mobilization must allow Cameroonians of all political tendencies, to agree on a "Manifesto of the opposition FOR DEMOCRACY" for the years to come.

This Manifesto has the following objectives:

• Inform the Cameroonian Community of the evolution of the political situation in Cameroon.
• Inform the public of the host countries of the Diaspora (political parties, trade unions, pressure groups, secular, religious associations ...).
• To provide moral and political support to the democratic forces within.
• Propose to mobilize democratic forces actions.
• Maintain ongoing relationships with the natural and legal persons likely to support initiatives for the respect of human rights,
• Defend national unity and combat ethnocentric ideology and exclusion.
• Support, on the basis of reciprocity, the actions of other networks and associations working for the release, the advent of the rule of law and democracy in African countries and the world.

This meeting will give leaders of the main opposition party, the Cameroonian civil society, a framework for discussion, in safety and serenity, specifically, the meeting should help better prepare for the next elections and to look for ways leading to greater cohesion of the forces of the Cameroonian opposition.

The latest events occurring in Cameroon (the vote of the Terrorism Act) demonstrate once again if necessary, that the CPDM system that has plagued our country for over 32 years, is not willing at all to allow policy mix in Cameroon.
Once again, the CPDM and food flattering provide evidence that there is nothing to hope from them in terms of change to democracy. Every day the CPDM system takes to dismantle that ridicule does not kill.
This leads us to conclude that the CPDM system just by this act has a total discredit not only the function of Parliament but also on that of the Government, two functions which need to practice a minimum of honor. At a time when it comes to good governance and transparency, the CPDM system still holds the language of threat, fear, and deprivation of liberties.
The example illustrates once again that the CPDM system can stand the ridicule and above all it cares the least of the suffering people of Cameroon. The CPDM and food flattering will allow all they want because they know they are strong. They are strong because they rely on non-republican institutions (the example of the courts of exceptions: TCS, the military court), hitherto able to serve as a system rather than a state. But above all, they are strong because we are weak; the people are low, the opposition is weak, Cameroonians in the Diaspora are weak. The CPDM system makes fun of people because he knows he has no strength in front of him.
Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon, peaceful and responsible policy in Cameroon in May 2015 in Paris, France does not recognize this law. She urged civil society, political parties, and associations of all kinds, to pressure the head of state to repeal it.
It is high time to change this situation. Various proposals have been put forward in recent days by the leaders of the opposition and Cameroonians abroad, facing the new maneuvers of power at bay. However, we believe that prior to any solution today is the DIALOGUE. The strength we need to build in front of the CPDM power is the strength of the people, it is the popular force, and it passes through the GATHERING any opposition to this system.
The Organizing Committee for the convening of a Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon believes in any case that the current circumstances make it even more essential to hold this opposition consultation meeting for the search for a common solution to the various political and social challenges facing the people of Cameroon.
We Cameroonians in the Diaspora, are convinced that the only force capable of defeating the CPDM system is a real and powerful popular mobilization. This is the popular mobilization that was right Blaise Compaoré off  Burkina Faso.
However, such a force can only be established if the Cameroonian Diaspora, political opposition parties and civil society speak with one voice. The only condition that can re-engage our people tired of decades of struggle with no real result. It's time to shut the differences, to put aside personal ambitions and form a homogeneous block.
The organizing committee for the convocation of a Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon in May 2015 in Paris, France, which assumes the Forum Secretariat, expressed his firm belief in the future of Cameroon and calls for gathering of all Cameroonians and all Cameroonians to concretely help rebuild in peace and serenity free Cameroonian nation, democratic, united and prosperous.

As Cameroonians in the Diaspora we can be the locomotive force of this proposal because we already represent today remittances vital economic force for the country
It is our duty to unite all the forces of the Cameroonian opposition political party leaders, opinion leaders and civil society, within and outside national borders around a same project Company to promote and fulfill with courage the proposed mix of Alternative and Cameroonians who must give the means to fully participate in the recovery of their country.
Because the economic, political and social difficulties of our country requires us to go beyond our egos, our quarrels, our differences.
Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon in May 2015 in Paris, France is open to all Cameroonians from the outside and inside where finally everyone can peacefully offer its ideas, projects and solutions to improve the socio-political and economic situation of our citizens.

Cameroon, it is all our sakes. It is only together that we will grow and become a country with the concert of nations in this century of speed.
The mandate of this committee also includes the management of the effort of preparation and mobilization of Cameroonians in the Diaspora, including those inside, to participate in the Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon in May 2015 to be held in Paris in France in the coming months.

For the Board Management

You want to participate in the Citizen Forum for Alternative and government change Alternation in Cameroon in May 2015 in Paris, France.

To get in touch

00336 21 56 76 65  or 00336 31 34 38 49

Email : diaspora.camerforum2015@gmail.com



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